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radio pedio

sonic sculpture / open radio studio / public program 


Radio Pedio is a contribution to the project Park Fables by Chto Delat & Anton Kats
Commissioned and produced by: Onassis Cultural Center/ Fast Forward Festival 5, Curator: Katia Arfara

Using raw materials traces of history and memory, fragments of identities and experiences, the world-renowned Russian collective Chto Delat (Tsaplya Olga Egorova, Nina Gasteva, Nikolay Oleynikov, Dmitry Vilensky) and the artist and musician Anton Kats cultivate a space and a series of interventions on the fertile field ground of Pedion tou Areos. Through a theatrical performance, a radio station, brief visual interventions and parallel actions, they create a fictional field between the real and the imaginary in one of the most polysemous public spaces in Athens.

The Park Fables actions comprise ephemeral artistic, recreational and educational interventions that converse with the park’s cultural heritage: a theatrical performance and a radio station-and-listening space form the core of the work, flanked by temporary installations and parallel events. All the interventions invite the audience to think and discuss, negotiate the complexities of contemporary sociopolitical life, and aim to showcase different ways to manage and use public spaces and reinvent the role of recreation. A point of reference and a meeting point during the Park Fables actions is a specially designed pavilion housing a radio station and a library.

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