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radio stilts

sonic sculpture / radio laboratory / improvisation enseble

Contribution to the Radiophonic Spaces: Walk-In Radio Archive and Platform for Listening Knowledge, House of World Cultures, Berlin

Enrolling in one of the five sessions, sixteen people were invited each time to improvise along an ambiguous listening protocol. Working with concrete listening methods and choreography every session initiated a new sonic ensemble experimenting with radio technology and modular synthesis. Five compositions orchestrated this way with over 80 people is a study of listening as a political and aesthetic project rooted in practices of improvisation. 

Considering radio as a complex intersection between social relationships and technology Radio Stilts is an experiment in moving over an unstable ground and an exercise in developing political and micro-political choices. Favouring radio as sonic strategy creating organisms instead of images every composition is a collective solving of challenges posed to our participation and a way of establishing new networks, rethinking and appropriating a site and the rules governing it.

Translated into its momentary sonic and rhythmic equivalent the compositions recorded during the project will be released in Spring 2019 on a limited-edition vinyl record. 

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Photography: Maria Vittoria Trovato / A.K.
Videography: Timur Alexander El Rafie