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sonic sculpture / performance

Flaneur Festival
House of the World's Cultures, Berlin

AND is an interactive sonic sculpture and a music performance by ILYICH, artist's semi-fictional alter ego and electronic music project. Drawing on the correlation between neon street signs and night club electronic music the sculpture refers to a sign-language gesture "and" prioritising it as a quintessence of synthesis and a liminal, body-attentive practice. Beginning with the body as a language evoking rhythms, rituals, and sound, the performance is an improvised set of gestures responding to the forces of separation through analog synthesis and electronic music in particular.

Embracing cosmism as a sonic strategy capable of recapturing collective urban imagination, the sculpture creates a ritualistic space reacting to the gradually unfolding changes in light and motion, and can be activated by the visitors. Emphasising music as a momentary experience lived through interventions and social interactions the performance introduces a series of compositions developed specifically for the event and responding to the question: How can live electronic music transport a complex and dynamic content that can be simply accessed and shared by others?

Audio-documentation of the performance will be released in Winter 2019.

Photo credits: Daria Zorkina

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