selected projects

four before and after five

sonic sculpture / performance

ISCP, New York

Four before and after five is a performative and sculptural work rooted in the artistic investigation of a place (Satellite Island in South Ukraine) and a process (the early Space Program of the Soviet Union). Considering questions of memory loss and contemporary territorial agencies in South Ukraine the work is activated by ILYICH, a semi-fictional space traveler of an ambiguous origin.

Embracing facts and fiction Four before and after five suggests a series of trajectories for inner and outer space explorations and is driven by the notion of concrete listening as manifested through sound, music and narrative.

Lived through a series of sonic interventions and narratives the semi-fictitious case study draws on a history of space colonization in order to reflect contemporary colonial forces of discrimination, such as nationalism and marginalizing segregation processes on Earth.


Photo: Maro Hagopian. Igor Kritskiy.
Video: Valeriy Nevin
Spacesuit costume:Loise Braganza
Installation support structure: Byron Kalomamas
Spacesuit support: Sagarika Sundaram








Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe: