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Sound Space Downtown


Studio 174
Kingston, Jamaica / London, UK 2015

Sound Space Downtown is an open proposal and work in progress, which derives from the Radio Sonar residency in Summer 2014 at Studio 174, in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. At the core of the Radio Sonar project is a method of listening based on propositions about how to organise Sound Spaces in different contexts and frameworks. It is an invitation to establish a listening space and learning platform in which artistic practice and research processes can coexist. In this way this book is more of a space, rather than a book.

It is based on and derives from three particular locations in the neighbourhood of Downtown Kingston: Fleet Street, Tower Street and Coronation Market. You can open this book and enter any of these places from any direction, and settle down wherever you like for as long as you find necessary. Each of these places co-exists and contains a mixture of conversations, processes and outcomes, practices and theories, memories, reflections, current states and fluid moments, working proposals, methods and manuals.

Although each of these places is very particular, Downtown is not only in Kingston. You can find a Downtown in every city and town. Sometimes whole cities are Downtowns. You can locate a Downtown by seeing how the stories like those in this book accumulate according to geographical locations in the city you are from or the place you are currently living in. In this way, Sound Space Downtown is also a method which points towards diverse learning trajectories in order to find out How to propose a Sound Space in your Downtown?

(Design: Sophie Demay in collaboration with Anton Kats. Images: Sophie Demay)

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