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Bloxburgh FM: Water Road Education

Radio Station. Film.
2015, 30min

Studio 174
Bloxburgh, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Bloxburgh FM is a collaborative radio station deriving from the Radio Sonar residency in Bloxburgh in June 2015. Bloxburgh FM is led and directed by the coffee farming community of Bloxburgh actively working together with diverse practitioners in developing a self-directed and useful form of representation.

Documenting processes at stake and merging filming and organising with a series of radio shows Bloxburgh FM addresses interdependence of the processes surrounding absence of water supplies, road and education.

Filmed and edited together over the period of three weeks this film is shaped by unexpected and improvised moments, spontaneous performances and general assemblies exploring both: potential to develop collaborative forms of action useful in the everyday and radio as an existing social power.

This project is developed in framework of Kingston Arts Academy together with the students of Studio 174, Openvizor, Bloxburgh Community Association and Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad. Bloxburgh FM remains a self-sustained radio station currently working on the second part of the film and developing an upcoming series of radio shows which will be aired on 93.7FM in August 2016.




Further details:

Founded in 2005 by artist Rosemarie Chung, Studio 174, is a non-profit arts studio and arts academy for children and young adults in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

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