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Radio Narrowcast / Performance
February 2016

Contribution to the first edition of the Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam

This particular performance by the means of the Radio Narrowcast draws upon a 4 years site-specific and collaborative work being developed in the framework of the Radio Sonar project I have initiated through the Centre for Possible Studies, at the Serpentine Galleries in 2012. Site, - points towards an ambiguity of art practice as a question of agency and intentionality and suggests diverse modes of arrival in a site-specific context. In examining how art practice can provide useful, pragmatic and self-sustainable tools for dealing with difficulties of transition in the everyday, Site utilizes examples of recent works such as Radio Sound System in order to addresses collaborative efforts to deconstruct privilege within institutionally formal and informal contexts in providing access and infrastructure within collective process of knowledge production.

Here, the proposition to develop collaborative and site-specific work derives from the method of listening at the core of the Radio Sonar project, as it develops a reflective attentiveness in which one is ready to receive and reflect on the momentary environment before judgement. As a point of departure from which to develop collaborative, useful and site-specific work this act of listening outlines a particular
approach for the organisation of space. This contention constructs space as network of transmissions and receptions as an expanded notion of radio as a social construction of power.

Sonic Acts
Sonic Acts Academy

Photography: Pieter Kers